Pictures of our bike ride along the Tiny Trail system south from Penetanguishine

These pictures are from our bike ride along the Tiny Trail system heading south from Penetanguishine. You should have already read the general details on the Tiny Trail system including where to park. And the bottom of this page is a link to the middle section of the trail, which then links to a final page with a description and photos of the southermost section of the trail.
You can see the
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There are various areas around the north end of the trail where you can park, although I never found any official parking lot. Be sure your car is completely off the road, and that you're allowed to park there.
Parking along the 15th Sideroad just west of Highway 25 at the start of the hike

You'll walk down a pretty steep hill on the south side of the road. The north end of the trail connects to the southern end of the Penetanguishene trail system, as it passes under a sideroad to your left.
The start of the Bruce Trail, heading north away from the car

You won't go through the tunnel, instead you'll turn to your right and head south a bit to the gate that marks the north end of the trail, and the first of the 13 remaining bridges. Here's a photo looking back north after crossing the first bridge over Copeland Creek. I'm not sure why the Railway couldn't find a better route for the line, as it crosses Copeland Creek eleven times in a pretty short distance! None of the original bridges have survived through this stretch, instead the path runs down to the water level, then back up to level grade where the trains used to run. This makes for some interesting bike riding up and down the hills, and demonstrates just how much work it must have been in the late 1800's to put the line through.
North end of the Tiny Trail

Each of the new bridges has a sign next to it with a photo and more details about the original bridge, when it was closed, and when the new bridge opened. All the bridges are open now and if you watch for the occasional bit of loose gravel, and change your gears at the right time, the path makes for an interesting ride through the forest.
The first field along the hike, with the sumach in the distance
The first field along the hike, with the sumach in the distance

I'm not sure if snowmobiles are allowed through this section of the trail, but again at the south end you'll see a green gate (this view is looking north):
Looking north at the gate at the gate
You'll pass through a pretty major dip in the trail, with some pretty large stones, then past a side-trail that runs south-west to your right (I'll explore that path that runs up hill from the main trail next).
Looking north at the gate at the gate

As you continue south and leave the Copeland Creek the gravel trail will start to straighten out.
The trail gets more and more rocky

Finally the trail will leave the forest and start running through farm country at Highway ??? South of here is described on the Tiny trail around Perkinsfield page.