Pictures of our bike ride along the Tiny Trail system through Perkinsfield

These pictures are from our bike ride along the Tiny Trail system heading south from the bottom of the Penetanguishine section of the trail, through Perkinsfield. You should have already read the general details on the Tiny Trail system including where to park. At the bottom of this page is a link to the southern section of the trail.
You can see the
location of the parking lot in Perkinsfield along the Tiny Trail, with links to other web pages related to the area Show this hike location along with entries from other blogs!

The best place to park in the middle of the trail is just east of Perkinsfield, along Tiny Beaches road, that runs from a wonderful sandy plublic beach on Georgian Bay, up to Midland. There is parking and a small winter structure in the Bernie-Leclair Memorial park:
Parking along the 15th Sideroad just west of Highway 25 at the start of the hike

This section of the trail is the fastest on a bike, as it is flat, and well packed (at least it was in 2007). You'll pass by a golf course, farmers fields, with well signed stops at each of the concession roads:
The start of the Bruce Trail, heading north away from the car

The above photo is pretty representative of the trail; trees on either side, well maintained and clean. The various times I've been out I've encountered other bikers, runners, dog-walkers, and even a few ATVs. It was a dry summer, so I found it best to stop and wait for the dust to settle after the ATVs went past.

The start of the Bruce Trail, heading north away from the car
But the signs make it clear that the trail is primarily a snowmobile trail (the speed limit in sections is marked as 50 km/hr, which I've never hit on my bike).

The trail will become more and more sandy, and eventually you'll continue along the path through Wyevale.