Part 3 of 3 - Photos from along the Bruce Trail and sidetrails

Every hike I seem to take more and more photos, so to keep the page from opening too slowly, I've divided them up:

  1. Photos from around the farm property
  2. Bridges and streams
  3. Photos from along the trail (this page)

These pictures are from our hike through the Credit Valley, Scotsdale Farm, and Bennett Heritage sidetrail. At the bottom of the page I've also linked to various photos I posted to my photoblog just after the hike.

Trail map

Map of the trails

The double-track section of the Bennett Heritage Sidetrail
The doubletrack section of the sidetrail

An old stone wall, just before the Maureen Smith sidetrail
Old stone wall

A view across the 27th Sideroad of an old barn
Barn across 27th Sideroad

A natural set of steps made from stone
A natural set of steps

Flat stones covered in moss

Flat stones covered in moss

The escarpment edge appears
The escarpment edge appears

Some sections are covered in small stones

Many stones along the ground

Lots of beautiful views...
A wooden fence
Another example of a beautful view

The Bennett Sidetrail north of the farm
The Bennett Sidetrail north of the farm.

Photos originally posted to my photoblog, seemsArtless:

Scotsdale Farm pond
Scotsdale Farm guest house
Scotsdale Farm barn