Hike - Hell Holes Nature Trails and Caves


A departure from the Bruce Trail here - details on the 'Hell Holes Nature Trails and Caves' area in eastern Ontario, north of Napanee and the 401, just south of Roblin. The area is privately owned and operated as a business, so you have to pay admission, but we found it well worth the price ($5 per child 5-15 years old, $7 for older kids and adults - in 2010).

We were provided with a map and details on what to watch for, and the path was well marked and easy to follow. Be sure to bring a flashlight or two, and be prepared for a bit of a tight squeeze to get into the Hell Hole cave itself!

(No need to provide exact hike directions here, as they are available onsite. Instead, I've mixed photos and the description of the area here on one page. Please send us any comments/corrections to brucetrail [at] wholemap.com Click here to return to the main page,) or grab some water, your hiking shoes, a flashlight for the cave, and camera and take a hike!)

Directions to the starting point of the hike:

The hike is located North of Napanee Ontario and the 401 just off of Hwy 41.
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  1. From the 401 take the County Road 41 exit north (exit 579) at Napanee
  2. Continue north on County Road 41 just over 10km through Selby and Sharps Corners
  3. Turn right/east on Centreville Road at Grieves Corners (called Salmon River Road to the left/west)
  4. Watch for the signs after about 5km and enjoy the wonderful drive

Hike details

You'll park then head down the hill to the new log cabin to pay your admission and get oriented. There's a picnic area, and a playground for little kids, even mini-golf. Don't forget your flashlight!

Be sure to get the map and follow the trail - here are the highlights, with links to the pictures I took:

  1. Start, mini-golf, and Lookout - 2 photos
  2. Forest hike, rock formations, and the Devil's Horse Stable cave - 3 photos
  3. Hell Hole Cave - 4 photos
  4. Natural Stone Bridge - 1 photo
  5. Pillar Rock - 2 photos
  6. Forest and Swamp then back to the start - 3 photos