Bruce Trail hike - Spencer Gorge Wilderness Area: Tews Falls and Webster's Falls


Hello from php We were going to the Royal Botanical Gardens for the afternoon and decided to find a short hike in the area to round out the day. Two large waterfalls so close together fit the bill perfectly; Tews Falls and Webster's Falls in the Spencer Gorge Wilderness Area. This was more of a "walk in the park" than a hike. For the most part we were walking on fine-gravel paths, well maintained bridges, and cement lookout points with sturdy guardrails.

(I've designed this page to be simple with no pictures on it so that you can print a copy and take it with you. Pictures along the way are linked to with a camera icon and are all contained on the pictures of Spencer Gorge Wilderness Area: Tews Falls and Webster's Falls page. Please send us any comments/corrections to brucetrail [at] Click here to return to the main page,) or grab your hiking shoes, compass, GPS, and camera and take a hike!

Location and details of the hike:

General Location:West of Hamilton, just North of Dundas, Ontario
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Bruce Trail Reference 20.0StartMap #8 Dundas
Iroquoia Club km 61.2
 Far End of HikeMap #8 Dundas
Iroquoia Club km 59.2
 Total Bruce Trail Distance2.0 km
 Side TrailDundas Peak Side Trail
1.8 km
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Directions to the starting point of the hike:

  1. Take the 401 West to the 403 South West to the QEW.
  2. Continue on the QEW West to the 403 Hamilton
  3. Exit the 403 on Hwy 6 North (76 kms from the 401 and Yonge St in Toronto).
  4. Take Hwy 6 north for 2.5 km to Hwy 5
  5. Turn West (left) towards Paris on Hwy 5
  6. After 3km turn South (left) on Hwy 505
  7. Hwy 505 will make a 90 degree turn first to the right, then to the left
  8. Turn West (right) on Fallsview Road after 2.4 km (there is a large fruitstand on the South-West corner. If, like us, you miss this turn you will follow Sydenham Road down the escarpment into Dundas.)
  9. Follow Fallsview Road West for 2.1 km until the road turns to the north (right). There is room to park a few cars along the side of the road, but be careful, cars heading south won't see you.

Hike details

We followed the Dundas Peak side trail first, then took the Bruce Trail past the two waterfalls. We then retraced our steps, leaving out the side trail on the way back. This hike took us about 2 hours, including lots of time to stop and watch the waterfalls. There were lots of people around, all enjoying the early summer weather.

Head west, watching for the blue markings of the side trail to your left. Follow the side trail south. There are rolling hills and a fence to your left most of the way.

After about 15 minutes you will arrive at the Escarpment edge, and a lookout to the south over the Dundas Valley. Continue to your right along the path, into the Spencer Gorge Wilderness Area where we stopped for a picture (this would make a wonderful location to get a fall picture when all the trees change colour).

Carry on along the side trail until it ends (a blue T marks the end) at the main Bruce Trail. The side trail took us about 35 minutes. You are now just 100 metres or so west of where we began the side trail. Stop and turn around to remember what this point looks like, we'll be heading back this way to the car, and will turn east here along the main trail.

For now we'll continue along in the original direction we were heading (North) towards the first falls, Tews Falls. There are a few good spots for a picture back towards the lookout point and a picture forwards towards Tews Falls. As you approach the falls you will start to hear them.

Tews falls is a ribbon falls about 41 metres tall. We only saw it from the top, but there was someone down in the valley. There was no obvious way down around the falls, they must have come up through the valley.

The trail crosses the river and continues around the other side of the falls. There are a number of small rapids just upstream from the water fall. Continue on the path, past the parking lot and a private home. Down the Escarpment to your left you can hear more rapids.

After a short walk (and the gravestones of the Webster family who once owned the area) you will come upon the second falls, Webster's Falls (21 metres tall). Walk through the park, cross the bridge up-river of the falls There is a look-out over the falls, and the trail continues down a steep, slipery set of metal and rock steps. Be careful, especially if it is wet. You'll notice that there is a path behind the falls..

The Bruce Trail continues along the river, through the gorge for another couple of km until it reaches the railway tracks. This looks like a nice stretch, but we had to head back to the car.

Retrace your steps on the main trail, back to the car. The whole walk, including the side trail and back took us just under 2 hours.