Pictures from Hike #4: Nottawasaga Bluffs (Best Caves and Freedom Rock)

These photographs were taken during our hike through the Nottawasaga Bluffs (Best Caves and Freedom Rock).
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This is the parking lot on the 15-16 Sideroad, at the north end of the Nottawasaga Access Trail

Parking lot at the Nottawasaga Access Trail


One entrance to the 'canyon'

This is the view down into the set of 'canyons'. The markings on the tree towards the centre of the picture are a good example of a 'the path turns to the right' indicator. Remember, read the markings from the bottom and it becomes quite clear.


This picture was taken inside the various 'canyons'. Note that the rocks on either side go up beyond the top of the picture.

Inside the Keyhole sidetrail canyons

The view south

The view south from about 18.6km on the Blue Mountain Section of the trail.

Another view from the same spot as above.

Another rainy day view

Single people are economic slaves of the state

The first of two quotations inside "The Tomb" near Freedom Rock.

The second quotation.

Do Good
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