Bruce Trail hike - Petun Side Trail near Collingwood


This is one of a number of hikes we took around Collingwood. Due to weather we took the shortest loop, but you can easily extend this hike and either double or triple the length. The entire hike took just under 2 hours, walking on an old road allowance, through fields and forest, up the escarpment edge through large blocks, and finishing on a quiet side road. Taking this hike in a clockwise direction, as described here, means you get to walk downhill to the car at the end of the hike.

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Location and details of the hike:

General Location:West of Collingwood, Ontario
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Bruce Trail Reference 20.0StartMap #23 Pretty River
Blue Mountain Section
km 52.0
 Far End of HikeMap #23 Pretty River
Blue Mountain Section
km 48.1
 Total Bruce Trail Distance1.7 km
 Side Trail #1Petun Side Trail
2.2 km
 Side Trail #22nd Line
1.2 km

Directions to the starting point of the hike:

Not a lot of details for this one, I'm afraid... The hike starts on Hwy 19 just outside of Collingwood where it meets 2nd Line, at km52.

Hike details

This is a relatively short hike, it took us just under two hours to complete.

You'll park the car on the north side of the road. Cross over to the south side, then head east along the Petun Side Trail. You'll soon head down a driveway and over a creek. Follow the road allowance through the trees.

After about half an hour you will come upon the old fields filled with flowers (at least they were in July).

About 15 minutes later you will begin a long, wonderful climb up the escarpment edge. There are all sorts of trees around, and large blocks of limestone to climb through.

Just under an hour after leaving the car you'll arrive at the top of the escarpment, with views out over the valley. This is the south end of the Petun Side Trail. It joins the main Bruce Trail at km 46.4.

We turned right (west) at this point, but you can extend the hike by heading south along the main trail, then heading west and north along the Osler Side Trail.

The hike west along the main trail between km 46.4 and 48.1 is pretty flat, around another field, with good tree coverage. Toward the end there are all sorts of interesting rocks covering the ground.

At km 48.1 you will come to a quiet sideroad (2nd Line). Turn right (north), for a 20 minute downhill walk towards the car.