Bruce Trail hike - 3 Waterfalls (Tiffany and Sherman Falls)


This hike near Hamilton, Ontario, as well as Hike 2 are in the same general area so we decided to do both hikes in one day. Neither were difficult; it was fall and hadn't rained in a while, so not an ideal time to check out waterfalls. We plan on returning in the spring when there is more water flowing (and more mud, bugs, heat, etc...).

(I've designed this page to be simple with no pictures on it so that you can print a copy and take it with you. The pictures are linked at each stage, with a camera icon and are all contained on the pictures of Tiffany Falls and Sherman Falls page. Please send us any comments/corrections to brucetrail [at] Click here to return to the main page,) or grab your hiking shoes, compass, GPS, and camera and take a hike!

Location and details of the hike:

General Location:Hamilton/Ancaster Heights, Ontario, Canada.
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Bruce Trail Reference 20.0StartMap #8 Dundas
Iroquoia Club km 46.0
 Far End of HikeMap #8 Dundas
Iroquoia Club km 48.5
 Total Bruce Trail Distance2.5 km
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Directions to the starting point of the hike:

  1. Take the 401 West to the 403 West to Hamilton.
  2. Continue on the 403, across the Bay.
  3. Exit the 403 on Main Street West (Highway 2 West).
  4. After about 2km Highway 2 will turn to the left and start up a long hill.
  5. You will pass a Garden Centre on your right, then shortly after that there will be a small parking lot on your left.
  6. This is "Tiffany Falls Conservation Area".
It took us just under an hour to drive there from Toronto (401 and Yonge Street).

Hike details

Once you're parked and had a stretch, head south along the east side of the river (the left side). After about 10 minutes and some narrow sections in the path you will come to the bottom of Tiffany Falls.

Walk back the way you came and return to the parking area.

Head north and CAREFULLY cross Highway 2. Walk up the hill (to your left, west) about 15 meters to an open spot where we will join the Bruce Trail. There are rough steps heading away from the road (north) with a chain rail on the left side. This side of Highway 2 has a bike lane, and there was a bike stensil on the ground not far from the trail.

The trail heads west for about 1.2km (km 46.1 to km 47.3). It is a pretty easy walk with some rocky patches. Enjoy the views, and pick up any litter you might come across.

The trail leaves the trees (km 47.3) and crosses Old Dundas Road and continues south to the second falls, Sherman Falls (km 47.5) where Ancaster Creek drops in three stages over the Niagara Escarpment. A good place to take a picture of the waterfall over the Niagara Escarpment.

Once you are ready to move on, cross the steel bridge and follow the Bruce Trail back towards to road, now on the west side of the creek.

The path will turn to the left, then climb a hill and follow the north side of a field before returning to the trees and some views to the north. We walked for about another km (km 48.5) to the smallest waterfall we saw that day. We crossed the foot bridge and stopped here on a rocky outcrop to have lunch.

The only way back is the way we came, so retrace your steps all the way back to the car.

If you are ready for another hike not too far away, carry on to Hike 2.