Biking the Tiny Beaches rail trail outside Elmvale north to Penetanguishene


This page is a bit different than the other hike pages here, as it descibes an old railway line that has been converted to a multi-use trail (hiking, biking, snowmobile, etc...). There is no need to describe the various turns or markings as the trail is very easy to follow.

Instead, this page will describe how to find three good places to park along the trail, then there are three other pages that descibe sections of the trail, along with photos.

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Location and details of the Tiny Trail system:

General Location:Running north south between Elmvale in the south, and Penetanguishene in the north
South end of the trailGPD Coordinates
North end of the trailGPD Coordinates

General trail details:

The Tiny Beaches rail trail is about 22.5 kms long, running roughly north north-west. It was originally a line of the North Simcoe Railway in the late 1800's, and crosses over 13 bridges (there were originally 16). The township purchased the land in 1978. I imagine it gets the most use in the winter as a snowmobile trail, but also makes a great biking trail. The entire length of the trail is easy to follow with trees on either side, and is about as wide as a car. In the south the trail runs through flat farm land, with a slow up-hill heading north, and is rather sandy, improving as you head north. After running past a swamp and golf course, the northern section of the trail is in pretty deep forest, with more up and down hills crossing the Copeland Creek.

There are also connections along the trail to other trails:

Southern parking lot in Wyevale:

  1. Coming from Barrie and the 400, take highway 26 north east through Elmvale
  2. Turn left (west) on Country Road 6, which then turns to the right/north and runs parallel to Highway 26 for a bit.
  3. You will able to see the trail on your right, especially the couple of bridges.
  4. Once you arrive in Wyevale there are a couple of parking lots on your right, next to the trail.

Once you've parked you're ready to explore the Tiny trail south of Wyevale.

Middle parking lot in Perkinsfield:

If you are coming from Barrie, follow the instructions above through Elmvale and Wyevale, then:

  1. Continue on County Road 6 into Perkinsfield.
  2. At the stop sign (with the wonderful church to your leftt) turn right (north-east) on Balm Beach Road.
  3. After a minute or two you'll see the parking lot on your right.

If you are coming from the Midland Area:

  1. Head south-west on Young Street (???) which turns into Balm Beach Road
  2. Just as you arrive in Perkinsfield watch for the trail, and the parking lot on your left.

Once you've parked you're ready to explore the Tiny trail around Perkinsfield.

North parking near Penetanguishene

There is parking near the trail in Penetanguishene , but I've only ever been there on my bike, so I'm not sure exacty how to get there. More details to follow.

Here are some other links to information on the trail: