Pictures from Grindstone Creek, Waterdown Falls, and Smokey Hollow on the Bruce Trail


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Location and details of the hike:

General Location:Hamilton/Ancaster Heights, Ontario, Canada
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Bruce Trail Reference 20.0StartMap #9 Waterdown
Iroquoia Club km 76.5
 Far End of HikeMap #9 Waterdown
Iroquoia Club km 72.9
 Total Bruce Trail Distance3.6 km

Directions to the starting point of the hike:

These instuctions start where Hike 1 left off.

  1. Head back the way you came to the 403, and head East, back towards the QEW and Toronto.
  2. Continue on the 403, back across the Bay.
  3. Exit the 403 on Waterdown Road. *** There is NO EXIT to Waterdown Road from the Westbound 403! ***
  4. Go North on Waterdown which turns into Mill St. when you leave Burlington.
  5. Smoky Hollow Park in on your left after you leave Burlington.

Hike details

This hike is a loop, half on the Bruce Trail, and half on side streets. It took us about 2 hours, including stops for pictures along the way. The park itself had a fair number of people in it on a Saturday, but after hiking for about 30 minutes there weren't many people around.

Once you leave the parking lot you are at Waterdown Falls. An historic marker describes how the area got its name, etc...

Follow the Bruce Trail to the left (downstream) of the falls. After descending a steep hill you will follow a set of rapids. There wasn't a lot of water flowing in October, but we did stop for a picture.

The trail continues a ways along the river then heads east (to your left), away from the river for a while. A small bridge (at km 74.6) crosses the river, taking you to the west side. It took us about 45 minutes from the start to reach this point.

The Bruce trail continues west, then makes a sharp left turn (north), to avoid a large marsh. Continue counter-clockwise around the marsh then up the hill.

Eventually the Bruce trail will make its way to Snake Road (km 72.9). It took us about 35 minutes between the bridge and Snake Road.

At this point we will leave the Bruce trail and head north (to your right) up the hill along Snake Road. We're walking in a circular, clockwise loop, so we will be mostly turning right.

After about 10 minutes of walking you'll pass the Notre Dame school.

You'll cross over the railway bridge, then turn right onto Main Street, then past tennis courts.

Turn right on Union, down the hill and back to Mill St.

Once again, turn right, under the railway bridge, and you'll find yourself back in the parking lot.

The walk back to the parking lot from Snake Road and the Bruce Trail took us about 35 minutes.