Pictures from Tews Falls and Webster's Falls along the Bruce Trail

These are a few photographs taken along our third hike, Tews Falls and Webster's Falls.
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This is David along Dundas Peak Side Trail, with the Dundas Valley behind. The camera is facing pretty much due south.

This is still early in the year (May 2nd), so I'm sure the background will become more colourful as the summer arrives.

David on Dundas Peak Side Trail

View looking back at the scenic lookout

This is the view looking back towards the scenic lookout on the Dundas Peak Side Trail.

41 metre tall Tews falls.

This is right in the centre of the "Spencer Gorge Wilderness Area".

Tews Falls

Webster's Falls

Webster's Falls (21 metres). Notice the people at the bottom of the picture.

A closer view of Webster's Falls.

Webster's Falls