Pictures from our hike in the Niagara Glen Nature Reserve and the Southern Terminus

These pictures are from our hike along the Niagara Glen Nature Reserve and the Southern Terminus.
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The start of the hike; 80 stairs down from the Evergreen Flat into the Glen. Staircase leading down into the Glen


A picture along the Terrace Path North (red markings)

This is typical of the path along the Terrace Path North (red trail), with a good canopy of trees.


Just some of the many colours of the fast moving Niagara River. On the opposite side of the river is the U.S. and what I assume is the Devil's Hole State Park. At this point the river runs at 42.6 km/h.

The Niagara River through the trees

Devil's Arch in the Niagara Glen

Here is Karen in front of Devil's Arch; two boulders that fell this way in an avalanche.


One of the many interesting rock formations in the glen.

One of many boulders

Southern-most point of the Bruce Trail

This is the Southern Terminus cairn of the Bruce Trail.